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Our Vision

To be leading multipurpose terminal in Indonesia

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Our Mision

To provide efficent and quality multipurpose port services to grow the trade and business.
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Company Values

  1. Communication.
    Any communication that occurs within the Marunda Center Terminal should be clearly communicated and with a clear perception. It means that all information should be shared with relevant people in order to achieve customer expectations regarding the services provided. It is expected that there will be a common meaning and comprehensive understanding of the all people in the company..
  2. Focus on Customer.
    Marunda Center Terminal is a part of customer and customer is part of Marunda Center Terminal. In every operational activity, Marunda Center Terminal ensures that all services provided are proper and even exceed customer expectations. Marunda Center Terminal listens, analyzes, provides and controls the work.
  3. Trust.
    Marunda Center Terminal has trusted resources that are always optimistic that Marunda Center Terminal can provide professional and high quality services to customers.
  4. Commitment.
    The service commitment given by Marunda Center Terminal is very meaningful for customers. Marunda Center Terminal always keeps professional commitment as an added value for customers.
  5. Teamwork.
    Marunda Center Terminal develops mutual trust among team members, collaborates proactively as well as be able to provide more added values through teamwork. 
  6. Work Safety.
    Marunda Center Terminal prioritizes safety at working environment with mutual protection as a whole.

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